Fans Don’t Seem To Care About Kizz Daniel’s New Album “King Of Love” (See 5 Reasons Why)


When an artiste especially a big name in the industry releases any body of work, it is expected to be on everyone’s lips on social media and in top media outlets, this isn’t the case with Kizz Daniel’s new album “King Of Love”.

Here are reasons we feel led to this;

1. Kizz Daniel Is All About Love

I think fans already know what to expect especially when the name of the album is ” King of love” and so the enthusiasm and hype is just passive as there are a lot of love songs already released. The topic is not special as compared to his last album “No bad songs” and so the reception as expected is less exciting.

2. Poor P.R Handling

I think sometimes it’s not just enough to deliver a classic album by merely being talented. A standard P.R handling of your social media and the hyping that comes with it can make an average body of work to become high in demand. This is exactly one reason why this very album “King of love” really doesn’t receive so much discussions.

3. Bad Timing

This album was released in late June in the middle of a period where fans haven’t gotten over Omah lay’s ” Get Layed ” EP and their huge anticipation for Wizkid’s “Made in Lagos” album with release date already announced, and the adrenaline rush from Burna boy and Davido whose albums are yet to have a release date this July. so, you see why no one is paying much attention to the King Of Love Album

4. No Big Name Collaboration On The Album

The main attraction to an album these days are the calibre of collaborations on the tracklist, it is enough to lure a casual fan into a fanatic when there’s a lot to brag about but we didn’t get to see these on “King of love”. His no features policy didn’t go down well this time.

Imagine having Burna boy, Wizkid, Davido Or even Omah Lay and  Rema or any similar act on it , there would had been a lot to talk about.

5. No Super Outstanding Song

The 17 tracks album is impressive but there isn’t really any super outstanding song except “Ada” and others like Jaho and “Fvck You” the remaining songs are just okay but certainly not exceptional.

Anyways, the article is an aggregation of observation and its largely opinionated but we will like to get your own thoughts.

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