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Nigerians Resume The Fight Against Police Brutality With The #EndSARS Hashtag on Twitter



Nigerians Resume The Fight Against Police Brutality With The #EndSARS Hashtag on Twitter

#EndSARS Protest

Nigerians are no longer happy with the current harassment and brutality of the Nigeria Police Force sect called SARS and are clamouring on the Federal Government to intervene.

SARS stands for Special Anti Robbery Squad. There are a group of the Nigerian Police Force who are supposed to be called on for special cases.

But in recent times, we have seen and heard of misbehaving cases of these armed men causing mayhem on the people they are supposed to protect. Sometimes, even going as far as killing unarmed civilians for selfish reasons.

Some years back, Nigerians beckoned on the Federal Government to put a stop on the evil doings of these men all across the nation.

Even at that, nothing seemed to have been done about it and so they continue the illegal arrests and searches.

In the past few days, there have been bad reports making waves across the nation of these officers still in the spirit of not caring what they do.

This has prompted Nigerians to resume the fight against police brutality and injustice. A trending topic has been on for hours on twitter with the tag ‘#EndSARS‘. A lot of Nigerians have used this opportunity to narrate their ordeals and call on appropriate bodies to call these men to order.

See some tweet below:

We sincerely hope the Federal Government and the Nigerian Police Force do some thing to get rid of this menace.

Have you ever had an encounter with these SARS officials? Please share with us how it went in the comment section below.

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