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Nigerian Afro-pop Sensation Olakira Has Broken Into Spotlight Dwindling Ladies Heart



Adelusola Ebenezer Adefemi, the Nigerian Afro-pop sensation who’s behind the original creation of the popular “Maserati” tune. He has began to encroach the Nigerian music space. Known by the stage name, Olakira. A 30-year old, Ogun State born Nigerian act who’ve taken over the Nigerian music scene with his unique sonic spec and creations like something really to note and carefully listen. Olakira, is a great tuner and he smoothly assembles legit Afro vibes. His tunes are entirely fashioned excellently.

He is the one, everyone mostly the young vibrant ladies wants to bump and listen to recently. He is really the new sensation who’ve broken forth and his artistry is worthy. His art hold distinct listen proof with coats of wonders and great shine. The manner which he pounces on the genre saturates glorious and his recent remix with Davido for the wavy “Maserati” tune which really hooked many was packed with a sense of exposing the light of his levelled dexterity. Davido did apt while Olakira, the crooner positioned the vibe greater and it’s was fashioned blunt.

Olakira is the act the ladies are falling in love with. Because his tunes are quite alluring and have won their heart accordingly. His debut break-out single, “Aya Mi (My Love)” track has the special lines meant to keep the ladies dripping endless. While the flows works the magic, Olakira performs better with the visual and its really lovely, crafted to make each listening lady to feel concerned and want more. If she’s vibrant Nigerian lady, trust me. She loves him. She loves Olakira truly and you can ask. “Maserati” track also accompanied them with that exact feeling. The tunes was slowly exuding a great melody that resonates perfectly. The ladies can’t wait to see him perform live and I asked one few days ago at a can banging his hot “Maserati” tune. I asked;

Well, young lady why do you just love this dude. Did you recognize his a new guy? She answered, feeling happy and wearing vibrant smiles. “I love Olakira, he is really the kind of vibe I love.” She sings along…”up in mah Maserati!” And I smiled and was not left in awe but great confirmation while another young lady also affirmed and amplified her same love for Olakira.

Well, Olakira’s tunes hold fine feelings from the chronic addictive choruses to each verses. Like he chorused deeply for “Maserati” track – “lets hop in mah Maserati, baby hop in mah Maserati. I wanna see you go down. I wanna see you gbe-body.” He fine tune lovely and leaves the ladies dripping infinity.

The same edge, he strikes his “Aya Mi” art and it was one of a kind and played out exotic. “Baby, your beauty is so natural. With you girl, my life is alright oh yeah. Ololufe’mi moni’fe’gu.’ Like I told I’ll always love you more. Baby, you are my melody yeah. You are the one I see” The lyrics he churnes are is very wonderful and tells his great interest for pretty ladies and spells his smooth feelings out. Olakira, signed a record contract with U&I music, in 2018. He has been dispensing great artistry and his one of the next big Afro-pop-stars to rise from this part of the country. Olakira’s vibe is one of a kind and he seems like an act who curates art to preserves the heart of young, vibrant Nigerian female fans. He actually dwindles their heart to feel excess love for his artistry. He is about love and exudes powerful feelings through his artistic essence, his lyrics and sounds – exotic.


Written by: Agwuma Kingsley

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