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Burna Boy Setting Himself Up As A Tragic Hero In Nigeria Music Industry



Pride they say is the precedence for a downfall. This may be an African proverb that those close to Burna might have to be singing into his ears. As this very talented artist is setting himself up as a Tragic hero in the Nigeria music industry. Tragic heros are often the orchestrators of their own downfall. They are in most cases people of Noble standing (high status). And the hubris (flaw) in their character often lead to their downfall, like Hamlet (unforgiving spirit) in Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Odewale (lack of Patience)  in The Gods Are Not To Blame by Ola Rotimi. And in Burna Boy’s case pride.

Like the story of the over skilled Hunter, who killed an elephant with his cap. Carried home on shoulders of peers, as the most skilful Hunter in the world and jubilating his accomplishment by throwing caution to the wind. He woke up the second day to see every villager staying clear of him, saying; if he kills elephant with his cap who knows if he only needs to breath to kill humans. Leaving him to leave a life of isolation. Burna seems to be getting too intoxicated with his Grammy Win and throwing caution to the wind.

First it was the bashing of Davido with E no choke again, he don hang. Making jest of the former. Even though the artist tweeted a congratulatory message a(he did not tag him) to him and wizkid, saying their win is a win for Afrobeats. Trolling him we can say is payback and semi justified base on the beef between them. But why did he choose to diss his friend Wizkid with his latest tweet:

My Kids will confidently beat their chest and say daddy did it on his Own, We can do it on our own”. This any AfroBeat fan can easily relate who the sub is meant for. Since Wizkid also won the same Grammy through his collaboration on Brown skin girl owned by Beyonce. And not on his own song or body of work like Burna. This are not his only misdeeds. His rudeness to Obafemi Martins (one of the most respected Nigeria football Icon) is  well documented, in the process of his misbehaviour, fellow musician CDQ claimed to have been stabbed by Burna boys. Or should I mention again the Twitter users who claimed that Burna and his boys bash his car and shove him of the road among others.

Burna needs to learn from history, For example the day Di’ja felt she is now a superstar and jump on the wagon in an award night fight between Don Jazz and Olamide, the obituary of her career was signed. The day Almighty Dbanj, the then,  most influential, most aired and most sought after Afrobeats artist, felt he is all in all and allowed pride to over take him, after a successful show, speaking with pride against his fans, his career’s went down the drain.

So Burna needs to learn from these and stop irritating AfroBeat fans with his prideful comments. No single tree can make a forest, can he swim alone in the isolation waters knowing no artist from his home front have his back?  And like his mother once said, he should remember he was first a Nigerian art before becoming an international one. If his fire should die at home like D’banj, he will have to kiss his career goodbye.  Sometime an humble pill is needed by the mighty to save them from ruin.

He brought the Grammy home something most Nigeria artist have longed for but unable to achieve. He is loved and respected for it, but if this status is not well managed, it will be the beginning of his down fall just has all tragic hero fall at the peak of their careers. He has already made an enemy of 30BG, super eagles fans and now adding Wizkid FC to the list.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Taiwo

    March 21, 2021 at 19:03

    Burna Boy is too proud. Grammy is just an Award.. like just another ‘Award’ in the list of all sorts of awards. The importance attached to Grammy can kiss my ass

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