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Is Chidinma’s Switch to Gospel Music Genuine?



The Nigerian social media community was surprised when the former Capital Hill artists Chidimma announced her switch to gospel music after having a long career run in making secular music.

Artists like Timi Dakolo and Praiz are known to alternate between gospel and secular music, but neither of them have given themselves wholly to one of the genres. But Chidimma on the other hand is looking to convince her fans and the general audience that her conversation to gospel music is born out of genuine interest to please God with her singing gift.

But most followers of the Nigerian music scene are very aware of the fact the 2010 Project Fame West Africa winner have not had a major hit track since “Kedike” in 2011. So it is only natural that her fans might suspect an ulterior motive in her decision.

In a recent interview when she was asked to explain the exact reason for her change of genre, she replied, “the enemy has been winning for too long. I’ve had my share of influence and all of that, but now I’m using all of that, everything the enemy thought he had given to me though was given to me by God, while he was lying that he gave them to me, now I’m using all of that to work for my father.”

Did Chidimma switch to gospel because secular music wasn’t lucrative for her anymore? Was she really moved by the spirit to make gospel music?

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  1. Nelson Nello

    May 21, 2021 at 06:34

    We are still to find out we will confirm in the long run

  2. iamvalid

    May 20, 2021 at 15:59

    person way don draw tattoo if she like make she no go dey act porn

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