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The Craftsman Sound: A Review Of Rema’s Rave And Roses Album



In the year 2018 when Divine Irabor signed on to Mavin Records, Dprince described the teenager then as a craftsman whose work need to be hear at home and abroad. Years later, the then teenage boy is now standing tall on the international stage and his newly released debut album shows he is here to stay.

There is more to Rema’s Raves and Roses album than just couple of songs fused together to create an album, being his debut album, Rema’s tried his hands on different sounds in the album. Throughout every song on the album, Rema took his listeners on an entertaining spellbound journey with his different encapsulating sounds.

The first track on the album sees him talks about his struggles and pain, the loss of his Father and brother, what his Mother had to go through during his pregnancy and why he was named Divine. He also warned anyone who wants to do him bad in the industry that his progress is more than what anyone could hinder, this track sets the tempo for other songs to come.

In other songs in the album, Rema talk about his unending love for pleasure, sex and women as he revels in the body of his woman on the track “Dirty”. “Her body na ogologo, i dey give am new style, she shout ouch ouch ouch”.

The first quarter of the album is where Rema’s explore his craftsman sound, especially on the song, Soundgasm, Rema explores the use of imagery, sonorous, coherent and rhythm. The song with Chris Brown which is perhaps the most talked song on the album, Rema unveils the  the essence of maintaining energies and imbuing vulnerability in relationship.

come make i give you all my time and affection, make i give you my savings and affection”.

In Essence, the Rave and Roses album is about love, pleasure and everything that is required for someone to have a cool and smooth life, with a distinct sound great rhythm, Rema is a craftsman and this is his sound.

Ratings 8/10

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Leo Kesh

    March 27, 2022 at 19:19

    Rema is the best of all. Nobody can be like him

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