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Regina Daniels Reportedly Flees Ned Nwoko House, Now With Her Mother (Details)



Regina Daniels has allegedly left Ned Nwoko’s house after rumors that the billionaire has gotten married to a new wife. According to reports, Ned Nwoko was alleged to have paid the bride price of a new bride in February, but the news didn’t gather enough attention.

Despite this, the Cutie Julls who was spreading the news reiterated that Regina is no longer living with Ned Nwoko, rather, the beautiful actress is presently living with her mother in Asaba.

The post by Cutie Julls reads:

“Shey Papa Moon denied and called for Cutie’s arrest.

See trust me, everything in this gist was and is true. Papa Moon, aka Pa Ned actually took the lady in question to the rally and introduced her to some of his political allies that that’s his new wife. He has met the lady’s family and done the first part.

As we speak, Mama Moon has been avoiding has been avoiding Papa Moon’s house o, mostly. She is always with been with her mom lately in her mom’s Asaba home.”

Read the full gist in the image below:

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