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Lyrics: Friday ft Asake – ‘Blessings Lyrics’



Lyrics: Friday ft Asake – ‘Blessings Lyrics’

Intro: Fridayy
(Mm-mm-mm) Mm-hmm
Mm-hmm, mm (Mm-mm-mm)
Mm-hmm, mm
Mm-hmm (Mm-mm-mm)

Refrain: Fridayy
I’m not where I wanna be but I thank God im not where I used to be
I was fucked up, feeling like the devil had a hold on me, mm
Momma crying when the rent due, hmm
You don’t know the shit we been through, hmm
Wasn’t nothin that I could do, watched it rain on me

Verse 1: Fridayy
Took too much losses, we were down, hmm
So we gon ball out every time we step out
(Know what I mean?)
It ain’t nothing that I can’t do
Look at all the shit I came through
Lost some niggas on the way but I’m still right here

Chorus: Fridayy
Blessings (Mm, mm), blessings, blessings, blessings (Oh, mm) Blessings (Oh, mm) blеssings, blessings (Oh, mm, blessings)

Verse 2: Asake
Ori mi, ori ginger mi
Ko si ija ni church s’adura ni kin s’amin
Ogun to n le mi gogo ema pa mi
B’on se wa mi l’ame
Lo lon wa mi ni Germany
Jasi ori standard mi
Jesu oni calvary
Oun ni father mi
Nobody fit gaza mi
Balenciaga ko le pa wahala mi
Omo olorun to’n fa poli
Oluwa lo da awe ati agbo
My brother nobody holy
Oga ade, pay my money
No dey tell me story
Mr. Money, ma gbe kunle koli
My PJ, my designers, na the lifestyle I desire, I’m on fire
Alhamdulillah, I dey go far
No be where I dey yesterday, na him I dey now

We just envy the shit ’cause we remember where we came from, bro
We used to be hungry as shit, bro
Bro, where I live, bro, where I live
They used to have a p-, they used to have a platter that’s five dollars, bro
Me and Fridayy we used to split that shit
But I’m still hungry after that shit, I’m mad as shit ’cause he my youngin
And I’m like I can’t eat that alone
One time he acted like he not hungry but he looking through the cracks of the door
…., hungry as shit
He used to talk ’bout some shit like, “Yo bro, you sure?”
And I used to be like

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