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Davido Unfollows Cousin, Sina Rambo On Instagram



Davido Unfollows His Cousin, Sina Rambo.

Davido has unfollowed his cousin on Instagram after the latter disclosed a private chat the two of them had with his wife’s mother, which caused the latter to be ridiculed in public.

After he revealed the contents of their private conversation to his wife’s mother, the Nigerian artist, Davido unfollowed his cousin, Sina Rambo on Instagram.

It has been brought to everyone’s attention that Queen Ojanga Korth, who is Sina’s mother-in-law, has lately spoken out against Davido for allegedly making threats on her daughter Heidi.

She took to her Instagram page to reveal what she claims was a chat between Davido and his cousin about Heidi mentioning Chioma, who is mourning the loss of her son Ifeanyi, in the current dispute between herself and Sina Rambo. The conversation allegedly included Heidi mentioning Chioma.

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