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‘If I’m Lying’ Is The Best Song I Ever Made – Burna Boy Talks About Recording ‘If I’m Lying’ Off Album ‘I Told Them’



Burna Boy If I'm Lying

Burna Boy mentioned ‘If I’m Lying’, a track off his latest album ‘I Told Them’, as the best song he ever made, as he talked about the recording process.

In the video from his interview posted on X, Burna Boy confirmed that ‘If I’m Lying’, the track 14 from ‘I Told Them’, is his best song ever, agreeing with the interviewer who had first mentioned the song as his own favorite.

Wanting to know Burna Boy’s opinion of the song, the interviewer said that for him ‘If I’m Lying’ might be the best thing you’ve ever done’. Burna Boy couldn’t agree more with the statement, nodded his head in support, and went on to unfold how the song came to life while he was on tour.

He revealed that ‘If I’m Lying’ happened after he was done with recording his verse on the late Indian rapper Sidhu Moose Wala’s posthumously released song ‘Mera Na’ with Steel Banglez, the producer, who had flew in from the UK to finish the song with Burna Boy.

‘Steel Banglez goes to the Water Front and was there for hours’, he said sharply, ‘listening to the water with his laptop. Later he comes back and plays that shit [beat]. It was raining that day. It was spiritual’.

Listen to his detailed account of the song below:

The Grammy award winner released his seventh album ‘I Told Them’ Friday, August 25, featuring J. Cole, Dave, RZA, Seyi Vibez, amongst others. It went number two on the US Apple Music Top Albums chart, tying a record with Davido’s ‘Timeless’.

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