RudeBoy Riding Back To Superstardom: A Review Of “Audio Money”

Review of Audio Money
Review of Audio Money

Since the break-up of the group Psquare, the band members which comprise the twins, peter (Mr P) and Paul (RudeBoy)Okoye to pursue their individual careers. They have slum from being a well sought after superstars with platinum albums to virtually unknown artist. As the two brothers are struggling to win back music fans and find their way back to the top.

In recent time, Paul Okoye, RudeBoy seems to have found the path with his hit song “Reason With Me“. The song which has generated over 24million views on YouTube mainly due to the message it passes.

Now, the artist has followed that up with another song with a message for the street, most especially those living a fake life, those feeling pressured in life due to what they see displayed on social media. The fake giveaways, the fake lavish life styles, that people needs to let go of the life of appearance and embrace reality. More so, he tried to educate listeners that everything is not has it appears.

Everybody Rich For Instagram
Poor Man No Dey For Instagram

The song is unique in its own as it draw its theme from the everyday life and experience in the society. As it did not follow the normal universal themes that we all use to. E.g Love, Money, Girls, Sex, etc. More important is that the song cut across, both circular and religious sphere. Which another factor it is gaining more recognition.

Apart from the power of the lyrics or message that it passes, there is the melodious tune and the danceable beat which accompanied the superb delivery of the song. No wonder it is getting and will continue to get good reviews and playtime on the airwave.

RudeBoy is proving to be another artist who will enjoy illustrious career in his solo career after group break up like Tuface, if he continues on this part of being a social commentator in his songs.

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  1. Rudeboy is one of the Artists that sing any genre of music from Reggae to Afro to Juju just anything. I respect him for that but the twin were a phenomenon


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