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“Remove the Dirt in Your Eyes” Man Blasts Nigerians for tweeting #ImpeachTrump



With a social media war going on on twitter as Americans and the World ask for the impeachment of American’s President Donald Trump, Nigerians have been urged to do same rather than tweet impeach trump.

While many on twitter cry for Donald Trump to be impeached, Nigerians have been warned to “Remove the dirt in your eyes first” before tweeting #ImpeachTrump.

The Twitter user ‘Wale Adetona’ said,

The whole world is tweeting #ImpeachTrump, Nigerians too dey join them to tweet. LMAOOOOOO

“Remove the dirt in your eyes first before bothering about your neighbor’s.”

What you think as man blast Nigerians for tweeting Impeach Trump? Please comment below…


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