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5 Noticeable Facts On “ A Better Time Album” By Davido



Arguably, one of the most anticipated album of 2020. A better time by Davido was finally released on the 13th of November 2020 and listeners and fans can’t help give critiques and opinions of the album.

These were some of the most noticeable points from the 17-track album.

1. Davido’s versatility

One thing we can’t deny about “A Better Time” is the level of versatility the singer employed. We saw how he switched up from trap with Lil baby to classic hip hop with Nas and then to house music and a lil bit of high life all in this body of work. There’s no limit to Davido’s versatility.

From slow to fast or merely a relaxed one. There’ something for just everyone. We saw him speaking some Zulu on the track with Sauti Sol and Hausa on “Jowo” . The singer is always willing to learn to adapt to just any kind of sound or language.

2. Amapiano sound has dominated 2020

To be very honest, the addictive South African house music sub-genre also known as Amapiano has infiltrated the Afrobeats genre. The melody from this genre is unavoidably ecstatic. Some of our singers had sampled the sound and Davido is no stranger to it.

He sampled it earlier this year with the track with American rapper Wale and long time partner Shizzi on “Won le ba” sometimes around May. Tiwa Savage sampled a lot of it on her album “Celia” including the classic “Temptation” ft Sam Smith. Even Rema had a major hit “Woman” with same identical sound and it’s fast becoming a favourite for producers.

3. Is November the lucky month?

The month of November seems to be a lucky month and Time for Davido as his album series and times has been in the month of November and it might not be a mere coincidence.
A Good time was released on the 22nd of November 2019. “A better time” was released on the 13th of November 2020. Maybe, the next one “The best time” will be released in November 2021? Just kidding.

4. Speroach Beatz is an average producer

Speroach beatz almost ruined one of Davido’s biggest foreign collaboration with his elementary production and weak instrumentals. If not for Davido’s vocal energy and passion plus the self acclaimed Queen of hip hop Nicki Minaj’s excellent delivery, I wonder what it would had sounded like.

He needs to up his production ante with some sophistication. He needs to borrow a leaf from the likes of Shizzi and Kiddominant on this.

Although, he has been responsible for some hits but it was just obvious masterpiece from Davido that made them hits. Take an average artiste to jump on his beats and it will be nothing short of mediocrity!

5. Most of the foreign features are rappers.

The album is full of high profiled rappers. Davido employed the services of A-list rappers like the legendary Nas who is regarded as one of the greatest lyricist.

He featured The Queen of hip hop Nicki Minaj. He went to employ the services of one of the most sort after trapper in Lil Baby and Young Thug fresh off his joint project alongside Chris Brown. The later (Chris Brown) was the only foreign singer featured.

Without a doubt, this album really maintained the tag better in every sense of it as it is difficult to pick a favourite as everyday a different favourite emerges.

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