#EndSARS: Nigerian Politician, Adamu Garba, Threatens Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, For Supporting And Donating For Protest


#EndSARS: Nigerian Politician, Adamu Garba, Threatens Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, For Supporting And Donating For Protest

A Nigerian politician from a northern Nigeria state, Adamu Garba, has attacked the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, for supporting the current protest against police brutality in Nigeria and even for starting a donation for them.

The CEO of Twitter Inc, showed concern about the current protest to put a stop on police brutality in the country yesterday by joining the hashtag, #EndSARS and also creating a bitcoin donation to assist Nigerians.

This however, did not go well with the politician and entrepreneur, Adamu Garba. He wrote a reply instructing the Billionaire to stay away from “Nigerian Politics” also implying that the SARS unit of the police force has been disbanded and it was needless protesting to end what no longer exist.

Reacting to his reply, some Nigerians have this to say to him on twitter:

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  1. Nigerians have suffered unimaginable oppression from the likes of an agama lizard called Adamu Garba, spoilt child that feels our mumu never do.
    He and his crimnal uncles are aware that this is uprising, we will take the opportunity to air all the injustice inflicted on masses of Nigeria, and eventually kick all the politician that took us for fools for decades.
    International world knows nigerians a hard working despite the oppressive governance.
    Adamu Garba, dan buro ba, shege.
    Is is because the oppressed have not stormed your house to vent their anger at you and your cohorts? Wait just a little bit, time is coming that police protection you enjoy presently will turn on you simply because they and their loved ones are amongst the ones you oppress.
    Many lives have been lost due to superficial governments we have been having, whereby they pass baton to each other, I am sure Adamu Garba is been groomed by his cohort to continue their mis appropriations.
    Your greedy dreams will never materialise.
    Unfollow him, he is a tiny part of a bigger problem, hes cancerous already, please lets start by unfollowing him to 0. Im sure his guards will soon desert him, we are coming for you.


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