#EndSARS Protest: What Is The Way Forward After Last Night Massacre? [Lets Discuss]

Nigerians Resume The Fight Against Police Brutality With The #EndSARS Hashtag on Twitter
#EndSARS Protest

The #EndSars Protest took an unforeseen turn yesterday when the government use the Nigeria Army to introduce mayhem into what has generally been termed as a peaceful protest. The army using the cover of night to massacre and slaughtered an unarmed Nigeria youths at the Lekki toll gate.

At the dawn of this morning, Arise television has reported that snipers were seen taking positions at the roof top of Oriental hotel and access bank. A signal that the government is ready to continue with violence.

Also, reports surfacing online reads that Sonwo-olu’s family house has been set on fire. While the TVC network rumoured to be owned by Tinubu has also been set on fire with the Lagos BRT buses and the Nigeria Port Authority in reprisal attacks.

The question is; is this the best way forward to get what we want or our demands?

With this canter attacks, are we not playing into the game plan of government so that they can forcefully put a total end to all the agitations of the people.

Will the lives of the young Nigerians wasted before their prime not go to waste if we go on attacking government properties built with the taxes we pay?

Now it seems things are begin to fall apart and the centre may not be able to hold like Chinua Achebe wrote.

So what is the way forward so that the death of our hero past (Lekki toll gate victims)  shall not be in vain. What step or strategy do think should be adopted to make sure we get our targeted goal for this protest?


Please suggest here for all to see.



  1. I believe there is no peace without war so therefore let’s give it to them..and don’t forget we are the government..so am from Delta we hold our state strong..killing each political leaders, army, police will be the best option now


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